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3D Introduction:

3D Design is the latest in event creation. All event concepts with TLD are now presented in full 3D live moving renders allowing clients to see a real life snapshot/video render of the technical concept..

With the use of one of the most powerful event design software on the market, TLD can take you on a 3D adventure of your event live in front of your very eyes in the comfort of your own office without even stepping into a venue..

Tours and large events can be fully programmed before start event day. With experienced designers we put many hours into pre-production to make sure you 'the client' get the best experience on the day of your event. We allow time on site to 'fine tune' the looks for the event in the real space.

Animation Introduction:

We have custom made high powered media servers, that both produce the live 3D renders and the animation re-production of visuals (logo's, eye candy) that are required for the event..

With a Library of over 2,000 HD seem-less loops, there isn't really any effect or feel we can not produce.

For further information please contact Adam Volz


Please have a look through some examples of 3D designs that have been produced for past/future events











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