Event Theme: Aborignal Themed Event

Event Style: Corporate Gala Dinner

Pax: 600

Location: Bond University, Gold Coast

Date: October 2019

Last week we helped the Scene Change Team with a rather unique setup in a sports hall.

Our Robe DL4x Spots, Spiiders LED Washes, Acme 20R BSW and ThunderStruck 2304 SMASHED it. We supplied over 60m’s of both silver and black 290mm box truss to create a cool looking X as a centrepiece. All lighting was programmed on our ChamSys MQ500 by our TLD Lighting Team!

The design was simple, but yet very effective. We had 4 of our ThunderStruck Strobe/Wash lighting the entire room @ 20%. 

“Please add light for the auction” 

And they certainly did just that (pic4)! 

The 20R Spot/Beam/Washes highlighted the space with ease and had the output that we needed, which meant we required less fixtures.

A great night was had by all that attended!

We are looking forwards to our next adventure with the Team! 



Event Theme: Day of the Dead (Mexican Festival of the Spirits)

Event Style: High-end Corporate/Cocktail Event

Pax: 1500

Location: Pier Event Space, Melbourne

Date: May 2017


Client's Brief: Recreate the colourful Day of The Dead Theme, wow’s the audience as they walk into the room and make it a night to remember. We want to take them on an adventure with musical acts, performers and ‘make them jump out of their skins, literally’ as this theme can be scary and cool all in one.


TLD's Design Brief to the client: 

Main room space will have a waving truss that will span the entire room. On this truss we will have moving warm coloured chandeliers (very Mexican Rivera) and LED truss warmers lighting up the entire 80 odd metres of the waving structure. We did however keep the following part a secret to the client. We placed skeletons that we will be on motor’s that we can move up and down with a touch of a button. During the night the room would change both in mood with; lighting, sound effects and we will randomly drop skeletons in to scare the audience (still keeping the moving part of the skeletons a secret). There will be over 100 odd moving lights, to change the entire room feel as the night progresses. A set constructed of Yo Yo balls will move in time with the music to change the look of the ‘theme' and as per the live performances on stage. A 12m circle truss will be incorporate with the waving truss placed above the stage that will create a very BIG centre-piece over the dance floor. We will build a time coded sequence where the chandlers fade out the skeletons will flash/strobe and make spooky noises (told the client about the skeletons, not about them dropping on peoples heads), but just enough to create an illusion without giving away what is happening. Fun musical acts will change the mood, but randomly we will drop a skeleton on some audience members (Still a secret). The entire concept will be presented in 3D and we will fine tune different designs before locking in the final copy.


The Result: The guests came into our room full of bright colourful exciting and vibrant lighting, set’s and special effects. We ran flame throwers out the front, fog on stage and added individual satellite stages with UV and UV painted dances. There was camera phones gal-our to the point we had a traffic jam of people taking photos of the room in the doorway. As the night progressed and we finally got all guests into the room, the fun was yet to begin. We randomly dropped skeletons in between guests, all the way to the floor. There were many different reactions. Some jumping, some laughing and most of all 'the phones' came out for selfie time and the skeletons became celebrities by the end of the night. Only one skeleton was harmed in the making of the night, but we soon re-attached his arm and he is in recovery in a factory waiting for another job or two. 


Final Notes: This was a very exciting project and as the designs came to life, it was truly an achievement for the team and they smashed it! This was a night to remember. One of the biggest and exciting projects to go through this venue, we pushed the rigging and design aspects to the limit. Till next adventure :-) 


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