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- MQ 500 Staduim Console

- Robe Spikie LED Spot/Wash

- 350 LED Washes

- Robe DL4x LED Spots

- V4 Media Master Server

- V2.2 Media Master Server

- Venue Technical Management

- Show/Event Design



Chamsys Purchase

First in Australia to purchase the lastest MQ500 Staduim Console from Chamsys. Has been used on 3 major events in the past 2 weeks and has passed with flying colours (excuse the pun.)

The MagicQ MQ500 Stadium is a new control console from ChamSys designed to operate at the highest level of show control.  MagicQ MQ500 Stadium enables shows to be designed from concept to reality including lighting, media, LED and scenic design.  The MQ500 Stadium features dual multi touch displays in full HD with adjustable viewing angle and gesture support.   

The MQ500 Stadium has inbuilt MagicVis 3D visualiser with high quality beam and gobo rendering.  

The MQ500 Stadium supports up to 200 universes onboard direct from the console without the need for external processing.  MagicHD media server runs on board enabling pixelmapping to all 200 universes.


Purchase of Robe Spikie LED Spots

First company in QLD to purchase the new LED Spikies from Robe. These tiny little fixture has a 60w RGBW LED Engine and has quite

an impressive output for the size of the unit. The units has constant Pan and Tilt and are super quick. For further information please look





Purchase of LED 350 Moving Washes

With the purchase of the new LED washes from ULA Group, we decideed to add some small but brighht LED Wash fixtures to the inventory. This

little fixture has 7x40w RGBW LEDs and has quite an impressive output for the size of the unit.  





Purchase of Robe DL4x LED Moving Spots

First company in QLD to purchase the new LED spots from Robe. This little fixture has a 480w RGBW LED Engine and has quite an impressive output for the size of the unit. For further information please look at






Media Master4 Server Upgrade

With the new design media server, we now have Arkaos Media Master 4 working in full swing. The server has been upgraded with 4x full HD outputs. With the new version software we are able to pixel map, do multiple outputs with 3D warping and some cool layer setup designs for any type of projection unit; projectors, LED wall or floor..

For further information, please contact Adam Volz


New Media/Animation Server

With the purchase of our new 3D design software, we required a machine that was fast enough to produce both 3D renders and the playback animation side. This machine is quite fast and is over spec'd just to make sure we have plenty of processing power available. Along with a drive server the system comes complete with touch screen, Clarity controlling Media Content and Hog4 PC running 3D visualiser all through Art net. The system is one of a kind and we are in the process of building it's BIG brother to be able to render 150+ moving light show with full HD video render playback.



TLD has purchased one of the newest most powerful CGI 3D event design software. TLD can take clients now on a 3D adventure of the look and feel of the job before the even stepping into the venue. From the first client meeting, we can have a mock 3D design within 3-6 hours depending on the size of the event. The more technical the job is the more powerful the 3D becomes. Check out our 3D page!! 3D LAND


New Digital Control

With the upgrades of the new Media Master 2.2 server; a 90 meter dual cat5 core including power will allow the controlling of this system in many different types of applications. This core allows the Media Server to be placed at stage close to output devices. Art net via cat5 A will allow control from lighting control, cat5 B will send the feed of the Arkaos control window through cat5-VGA boxes. This allows easy operation of the server. With 3 DVI outputs, this latest card on the Media Server will allow 2 dedicated outputs without affecting the control window... Friggin Awesome!!


Media Master2.2 Server Upgrade

With the rejig of the TLD media server, we now have Arkaos Media Master 2.2 working in full swing. With the new LSC Clarity system designed solely for the operation of MM2.2, the system runs full digital Art Net allowing super fast control and the option to preview media content through Clarity, making this system very versatile and adaptable to any event. The server has been upgraded with twin full HD (DVI-D) outputs, with the 3rd a preview send. With the new triple 2 GO card allows us to do a 3000+ pixel blend over 3 projectors. The 2nd output card can do the same, with render graphics we can achieve 90+ foot wide screen projection. Having this system final self sufficient will add that extra impact with visual content pre-designed before arriving at the event...

We have 4 shows already booked for the new system in next 2months.


Venue Technical Management

Along with all my production services already, I am now offering basic to advanced venues, from theaters to conference centers the option to take advantage of Technical Management Services. This allows me to supply you with experienced technical staff to help manage your event facility to the highest technical service level possible. Due to disclosure, I can not advertise which venues already use this service, but if you are wondering what I can do for your Event Facility, please contact Adam Volz on 1300-368-826...


Lighting/Show Design

With the creation of many new services in 2009, don't forget our previous services are still pumping along. If you require us to design a spectacular lighting show or add technical high-light to your next event simply ask us how. Please by all means take advantage of this service.  

Our specialised production service is all about the end product 'Your Show'...


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