Lighting Designer/Creative Director

I have been in this advanced industry since 1996, and even to this day I am still learning all there is to be gained from working with some of the most amazing people the industry has to offer. Ever since the age of 14 I've always loved lights, even going to the extent of pulling apart old record players and making strange but funky lighting effects out of them. At the age of sixteen I started my own DJ business, which I was quite successful with, having invested over $14,000 in gear. Feeling there was more to the industry beyond disco lighting effects and small PA systems, I then moved into nightclub setups were i had further experience with installing small systems and selling equipment I knew heaps about.


After moving on from smaller systems, I moved to the Convention Centre and helped to run their lighting department and had an absolute ball. Venturing more and more into the industry I moved into Corporate Theater, to gain more experience in high-end Audio-Visual systems. Realizing my knowledge in the lighting area my employer at the time pushed me more towards the AV side of things and to this day I am ever so grateful. While in Corporate Theater I did small AV and Lighting role for the 1st year or so, then after the LX director left, leaving a inventory of moving lights needing to be run and no one to do it, I moved into the role as Lighting Director.

While maintaining this role I also held onto AV and did a Technical Director position as well.


After having done 4 years in this position I decided there is a world of opportunity out there and applied for a Sound and Lighting position with Disney Cruise Line in the USA.  After landing all 4 recruiting interviews with Disney , I was not only offered a Sound and Lighting Position, but a Senior role, classifying me as an Officer. I held the position of Show Control Engineer of the Walt Disney Theatre for 10 months on board the beautiful Disney Wonder Cruise liner. Until I hopped over into the same position aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Liner, which is the sister ship to the Wonder, for a further 10 months. 


Whilst over in the east I headed to PRG’s 4th Phase Lighting/Training center in Orlando, where I spent 4 days extensively training in both High-end maintenance and repair on fixtures, and Whole HogII training with one of 4th Phases awesome touring lighting directors. I enjoyed it so much I did not want to leave, except to return to my Disney Theater Lighting rig consisting of 32 Cyberlight Lythro2’s, 20 Studiocolour575’s, 15 Studio spot575’s, 10 Data flash’s and over 512 channels of generic lights, which is enough special effects and pyrotechnics to excite any technician whether lighting or not.

After my 20 months maintaining the Broadway shows, designing/operating special events and having a ball I decided to head home and pursue my career back in Australia. After arriving back in 2006, I decided to do some freelance work with many companies to get back into the game once again. After working for around 6 months freelancing and the high demand for good crew I decided to start up a design and operational system called 'The Lighting Dudes.'   



My next project was to grow the business into a productions system with some amazing people and to fill a slice of the market no one else has, with a fun but yet professional attitude. I have managed to pickup a handful of my own events throughout 2007/2008 that have been full productions including all facets of the show and with the highest demand on quality not quantity. My goal is to create a young fresh piece of the market that each client can rely on without the politics.

After many years of building the business I am now ready to move into more of a Show Designer/Lighting Director and join forces with other large production companies to continue with what I truly love 'LIGHTING'...

I am quite proud of my achievements, but creating future goals requires getting more experience with both professional systems and some quite talented people the industry has to offer. And is still to this day is waiting for his big chance to do large event lighting all over the world... As they say... "The sky is the limit!"

My motto still remains...



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