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Custom Love Heart Project

When we saw that there was an opportunity to support our amazing local hero's and bring awareness to our industry and theirs in this current climate, it was a no brainer, we jumped at the opportunity.

Using our #Chamsys MQ500 #Stadium console we made sure in light converse (our pre visualisation suite), to ensure our vision was achievable, we then went on to use our extensive inventory, after visualising in 3D land, to create a love heart shaped truss structure and using our 3D plan, to ensure all lights were placed in the correct positions.

The combination of #Robe Spiiders, #Acme Pro Dotlines & 280 beams, (lets not forget our #Antari Smazer, to keeps the haze cranking, even outdoors) we were able to get some amazing effects, plus a light show light no other. Our Creative Director, Adam Volz, programmed the track which was timecode'd to the music to ensure each change, each beat change was always in sync with the music track.


Custom Field Dolleys

Keep calm we have hump day covered.... Meet Busta Move (Blinding, Unique, Satisfying, Technically Amazing) & ready to move... the perfect solution to those midweek hurdles. No field is to big for us 💪. Tight turn arounds... no problem 💪 and Customisable to suit your needs.


Custom Made Rack

"Baby got Rack!"

Our new switch racks to go from FOH to stage with redundancy built in, if one cable goes down from FOH to Stage the other link/s kick in instantly, with a spare switch in both

racks, just in case!

With 16x ether-con in/out’s at stage, you can switch multiple protocols; Art-net (Art-net merge for mapping), Cling-net or LED screen mapping. Making your distribution for data over the entire rig with ease over multiple switches.


Custom Made Touring Pods..

New 1500mm x 600mm Dolley/Touring Pods now avaliable in hire stock. Can be floor mounted, flown and forked in and out of trucks! Now avaliable in Black.



Custom Followspot Converstion  

R&D Tuesday! We turned our 20R BSW’s into followspots! Not too shabby and works a treat. Has adjustable handles with comfort grips. Working on some counter weights.

Stay tuned for (part2)..🤘


Custom made Tunnel Entrance

Jungle Fever🗿..

Here is some footage of an interactive cave we created with the team from Coastal Productions.

Our ThunderStruck Strobes created lightning in and around ‘The Cave.’ As guests walked through ‘The Cave’ we had: Spiders, Bats and our Skelton Mate JoeBo creaping in from the roof on yo yo motors (supplied from our friends at Above and Beyond Productions).

All lighting/special effects were programmed in a sequence off our MQ500 with precise timed sound effects running off our 2 media servers, all produced in-house by The TLD Team! 

Our Slimpar 12’s and SW3000 Water Fog helped finish the full effect off. The design was simple, but yet very effective!


Custom Rigging for AO Activation

If you missed our TourPro P4mm LED screen out on the lawn all month for the Australian Open in @ Howard Smith Wharves with the Scene Change Team, then there is always next time.

With full offsite control; the screen was monitored, switched on&off and adjusted to suit day/night brightness settings for each day as per requirements.

We can customise many different styles of outdoor truss structures in silver or black to suit most event in both 290&400mm.