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BOT V8 Supercars-

Was a pleasure programming and putting the show together for the Birds of Tokyo at V8's on the sunny Gold Coast. A week after their album lanuch was a big deal as they hadn't played their new stuff live until the night of the show. Had a blast puttinng the show together and I look forwards to working with Steve, Jeremy and the guys again in the furture.

Stay tuned for some pics :-)


Pacific Fair Launch Event-

With the Billion odd dollar renovation of Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Gold Coast, TLD and Partnering company Select Audio Visual put on a spread for 900 VIP guests. With Sky trackers, A 12m x 6m truss grid with Model swinging in the enterance and 80 odd LED pars lighting up the area. Robe BMFL Profiles and Ayrton Nando S6's where used in the show space. Lighting up the QLD Ballet and model showing off the fashion the centre has to offer. All 3 show spaces where driven off an MA2 Lite and Lumens.

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300m Beach Projection-

Robe BMFL Spots blasted stunning, crisp, clear images of Australian broadcaster 7 News’ logo from 300m away, positioned near the top of the southern hemisphere’s highest building, Q1.The four 24m wide gobo images seared into the sand of the beach at Surfers Paradise right below the 322m high Q1 … for the launch of the new 7 Gold Coast News operation. The ingenious optical stunt was one of a number of high impact logo activations created for the event by lighting designer Adam Volz of TLD Services, who was asked by Channel 7 to sprinkle some visual magic and get their logo out there captivating audiences and involving known local landmarks.

Adam and the client decided on the concept of four logos beamed on the sand – the beach is right at the essence of Gold Coast culture and community – covering an area of approximately 100 metres wide as part of the visual sequence of WOW factors. The shot gave some serious camera candy for aerial ‘beauty shots’ enmeshing the logo and an instantly recognisable Gold Coast landmark.

Collaborating with Pete Coorey from Select Audio-Visual Hire in Brisbane on the project, Adam knew he needed a seriously bright stadium lighting instrument.

Having used BMFLs for numerous shows in many venues and scenarios, he hoped that for this application, the luminaire would exceed his expectations – and push every single lumen of light out of that intense 1700W output. The next challenge was to find a location for the four BMFLs. Adam suggested one of Q1’s penthouse apartments just below its famous observation deck … to which the occupants and building managers agreed. The fixtures were programmed and controlled locally in the penthouse by Adam. A full up and down movement from the sand to the water on the beach involved was only around an inch of movement for the BMFL Spot heads, but covered over 60m to the water! He programmed a 100% movement speed to ensure this fine movement was absolutely smooth.  

Written by: Louise Strickland - Robe PR



Welcome Reception -

6 months in Pre-Production with partnering system Avcom Staging saw one of the biggest events of the year. Lighting and set Design by Adam was made around a large 30m spider grid housing 150 moving lights. There were a further 40+ moving lights placed in the floor package around a 26 x 16m Ice Skating Ring. The largest single spanning screen @ 54 x 6m and built out of 60 sticks of F34 Global Truss, added an icrediable backdrop to the set or was the set!


A big thanks to Creative Productions, All Access Crewing and the Production Team.




Burlesque Ball -

Bi-Annual undisclosed National Conference is one of the biggest events of the year. Welcome reception for over 4000 delegates, Conferencing and multiple Gala Events during the week at many off site locations.

Late Night Gala Ball (picture: Left) was designed to wow 600 VIP guests with many different acts during the night. As you can imagine we put on quite a show. Lighting and Event design by Adam consisted of: MacIII's, Mac301's, Mac101's, Sharpy's, Studio Command1200's, Atomics Strobes, Light Sky330 Spots, Gladiators, Hazers and of course a large Martin LC LED screen at the back of stage.

Performers had a main stage space plus a 6m circle stage joined via catwalk to dazzle the audience.

We are currently in Pre-Production for the next installment. Stay tuned for more info.


Mackay Festival -

Bliss n eso, Grinspoon used the latest LX design all the way from 3D land to show state. V-Truss looks, 6m Circle feature with a 92 panel Vuepix wall behind made for a special night. Rig consisted of 16x Mac600, 24x Mac101, 16x Sharpie, 8x Mac250, 8x Atomics, ACL's, 8 Liters and Duets made for some cool looks. Control was Hog4 and Clarity running Media Master Pro


Special thanks to Chriso for his hard work in Lighting land...


Stay tuned for next years design!!



Inside Out Charity Event -

Salvation Army Queensland celebrated a night of Music, Dance and Performance. Lighting and Visual design by Adam was pretty exciting for a charity event. "You would normally see this size rig for a large event and would cost a small fortune" But as a donation and good faith the event went off without a hitch.

There were plenty of toys to play with. The rig consisted of; Mac700spots, Mac101's, VLX washes, X-Spots, Duet's, new NRG spot and washes. There was also 8x Martin LC panels running Media Master off LSC Clarity. The LX system was controlled by a Roadhog Fullboar with extra wing.  

Thank you to all the volunteers that made this night possible and looking forwards to helping out the team on their next celebration...



Country Music Tour -

International country singer Joe Nicols toured NSW including Tamworth, Country music capital of Australia.

The tour's rock design by Adam consisted of; 24x NSP Par64, 24x MFL Par64, 24 ACL bars, 12x 4way Molefay and a further 24x Mac600, 8x Mac250krypton where added for extra punch to the stage looks.

The tour was a lot of fun and looking forwards to when Joe and the team make it back to Australia again soon...



BMW Charity Ball -

Bruce Linton charity ball designed by Adam Volz (TLD) and co-supplied by DJD was a huge success. The design was based around a full Circus Theme incorporating a five metre high set with our new mac101's.

The system had around 70 odd moving lights; X-spots, Mac700spots, Mac101's, Mac301's and quite a few parcans. Mark Seymour has the main act, which Adam pulled all the bells and whistles out for the main act!

Stay tuned for next years design...




Guys&Dolls The Musical -

Terrace along side Theatrical Director Miss Rachel Morel, TLD supplied a creative edge to their annual musical. Incorporating a 13m x 6m grey sharks tooth scrim with a 7k Panasonic Projector, the visual design had a lot of flexibility with animation and tricky lighting to make the scene changes and complicated transitions come to life with technology.

All controlled by a LSC Clarity system, both running the Media Master server and lighting. Two full universes where used with 3 channels to spare. The in-house rig + 8x Highend X-spots, 8x Mac301's and some sunstrips made the show come to life.

A big thank you to the support team.

Looking forwards to the next production with the college...



Green Event Ball -

This gala event was designed around a environmental feel. Even tho there was 100+ Moving lights, the Jungle 'Green' Theme was simply spectacular.

Adam used a GrandMA1 full to control 8 universes of lighting with consisted of; 22x Alpha Spot1500, 20x Mac700spot, 20 Mac700wash, 16x Mac250entour Spot, 20x Mac101 and 4x MacIII for the Lyrca set.

The 900pax dinner was built over 2 days and took a lot of effort to come together but was worth every second.



GE Money Conference -

GE Money International Sale Conference is one of the biggest events on the calendar. Full event design by Adam Volz is based around a full technology theme built within their sales and marketing pitches. The truss set is built in 3D, to give the audience feel of the set coming to life. The rig consists of 72 moving lights; 48xMac101's, 12xMac700spots, 4xMac2000spots, 8xMac301's.

There is always a fancy opening to the Conference with a light show programmed to the music, video content and sometimes a performance depending on choice of theme. We have supplied to the GE Money team for over 6 years and grown this event from a small show to what it is today.


GE13 is in final stages of building and will be ready to set sale in March. Stay tuned for Pictures...




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