BOT Good Lord Tour..

Aussie legends Birds of Tokyo have just completed a nationwide ‘Good Lord Tour’, with 11 sold out shows around Australia, adding in extra shows in Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne and upscaling to bigger venues for a huge success with the team here at TLD!

Our very own Team; Designed, Programmed and Operated the recent Good Lord Touring package.

The ‘set’ design consisted of 23x TourPro 1m x 0.5m 4mm Black Faced LED Panels layered through the entire rig. From the front truss to the floor package with customised content made to suit the mapped surfaces. There were 5x 3m 290mm Black Box Truss pieces on the new 1200x600mm touring plates with out riggers and wheels that hugged the band from back to front. Mid-stage saw more uprights to complete the floor package. Three Acme DotLine 360 moving LED Bars + 1x Robe Spiider on the top of each upright, helped the looks keep rolling.

The Lighting Rig consisted of: 7x Acme 20R BSW, 12x Acme 280 Beam, 8x Acme 350 LED Wash, 15x Acme DotLine 360 Moving Bar, 6x Acme BL200 LEDBlinder, 6x Robe Spikie Spot/Wash and 5x Robe Spiider LED Wash. One of our F7 Stadium Hazers easily filled the venues with haze. The rig was compact with less than 60 fixtures, but we got some awesome looks out of it because of the versatility of the design with multiple visual components.

From the big white look that started the show with ‘White Witch’.

During the show, the DotLine’s and Spiider’s were utilised as either video fillers or they were added for extra zing to the lighting looks. All content was customised to suit the broken up ‘set’, from the ‘TV’s’ in Off Kilter to the ‘Eyes’ in Wild Eye Boy. We tried to take the audience on a journey with some old school looks, to the modern big colourful looks of Good Lord and The Greatest Mistakes.

A ChamSys ‪MQ500‬ Stadium console was spec’d for the tour. With ArKaos MediaMaster ProV4 running the visuals. The entire rig was digital from console to the racks. The DotLine’s were merged from LED Mapper in MediaMaster and all processing was done at the console. The console with an output of 64 universes, did not miss a beat. The network to stage ran the Art-Net merge + Cling-net from ArKaos all down 1 complete network. With our new Ethernet data racks, the data distribution was made simple, very stable and minimised setup time.

Our new multi-core with 12G SDI ran the video component from FOH. All cable from screen ethercon to the Art-Net cat5 was customised to suit the design.. All of the lighting system was pre-cabled and ready to rock onsite!

We are excited to say the tour was a huge success thanks to all the team that were involved, you know who you are.. 🤜🤛

Till next time!🤘  

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